Playing "FEED THE BIRDS" for Richard Sherman (or, the Night I Died and Went to Heaven)

A few nights before the Oscars, The Academy threw an intimate party for the Music and Acting nominees (combined due to Lady Gaga being in both categories). After dinner, Music Governor Laura Karpman brought us up to a room with a piano, and thus began 90 minutes none of us will ever forget. Everyone played and sang, including some special Academy Governors guests like Herbie Hancock and Richard Sherman of the The Sherman Brothers.

All of this is to say, here is a video of easily one of the top three most meaningful moments in my life, the night I got to accompany Richard Sherman on a song he wrote with his brother Robert, “Feed The Birds”. 

Richard & his wonderful wife Elizabeth have given me their blessing to post this video, and I am very grateful to them and for Laura, who video’d the entire night. No, I am unable to post a video of Herbie Hancock and Terence Blanchard accompanying Lady Gaga on “Lush Life”, but that among many other moments, was thrilling. But nothing could mean more to me than what I am posting here. I hope you all can put yourself in my shoes (or my fingers) and imagine how it felt.

❤️️ Marc

Marc Shaiman